IT Management & Consulting

Every business relies on technology, but not every business has someone reliable to depend on.

That’s where I come in.


Hi, I'm Lynde Roberts, an Information Technology Expert you can trust. With many years of industry experience, I specialize in solving your company's most pressing IT challenges while providing streamlined solutions to boost your business's efficiency.

Here are the IT Consulting Services I offer:

Systems Engineering

I design and optimize robust systems tailored to your business needs, ensuring seamless operations and maximum performance.

Network Design & Administration

From firewalls to routers, switches to wireless networks, I create secure and efficient network infrastructures that power your business's connectivity.

VoIP Communications Systems

Experience unified communications with advanced PBX systems, enabling smooth and cost-effective voice and video communication.

CyberSecurity Auditing/Analysis

Protect your business from threats with comprehensive cybersecurity audits, penetration testing, SIEM systems, and compliance evaluations.

On-Premise/Cloud Server Architecture

I engineer reliable server architectures, whether on-premise or in the cloud, leveraging technologies like AWS & Google Cloud.

Surveillance Systems

Ensure the safety of your premises with cutting-edge surveillance systems, including NVRs, cameras, and mobile apps.

Desktop/End-User Support

Get expert assistance with Help Desk Support, workstation maintenance, training, and user support across Microsoft, Apple, and Linux platforms.

Remote Access Solutions

Enable secure remote access for your team, enhancing productivity and flexibility while maintaining data integrity.

Identity Access Management Systems (IAM)

Implement robust access control measures to safeguard your digital assets and protect against unauthorized access.

Mobile Device Management

Efficiently manage and secure mobile devices across various platforms, including Apple, Android, Google, and Windows.

Website Development

Professional and engaging websites that represent your brand effectively, providing a strong online presence and user-friendly experience.

E-Commerce Store Development & Integration

Maximize your online business potential with custom e-commerce store development and seamless integration with your existing systems.

MSSQL/MySQL Database Administration

Ensure efficient data management with expert administration and optimization of MSSQL and MySQL databases.

ERP/Accounting/Enterprise Software Support

Streamline your operations with comprehensive support for ERP, accounting, and other enterprise software systems.

Data Reporting & Analysis

Leverage the power of data with insightful reporting and analysis services, unlocking valuable business intelligence.

Low Voltage Cabling (Ethernet, Fiber, A/V)

Design and installation of new or existing low voltage cabling systems, including Ethernet, fiber optics, and audiovisual setups.

MS365/Azure Management

Optimize your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments, ensuring smooth collaboration, data storage, and productivity.

Google Service Management

Leverage the full potential of Google's suite of services through expert management, configuration, and integration.

Let me be your trusted IT partner, guiding you through the complex world of technology while delivering reliable solutions that drive your business forward.

Contact me today to discuss your IT consulting needs and discover how I can help you achieve your goals.

Mobile: 541-786-6365

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